Value vs. Service

My plans over the weekend took me across the bridge and into New Jersey for an errand and dinner. For those of you in the Delaware Valley, you know that New Jersey is the land of sprawling suburbia, jughandles, and cheap gas. Looking to make the most of my trip, I took the opportunity on the way in to shop for value and then stop at the gas station with the lowest price on my […]

Consistency is the key to winning.

Everyone in the media is obviously talking about the results of the presidential election. And they should be. It was a momentous evening and a historic event for the country. President-Elect Obama gave one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard a politician give, and while I was struck by several things he said, I was not surprised by the overall content. He set the tone for his presidency but he also stayed on message, […]

Why is something we've been doing for two years suddenly newsworthy?

I write this entry on the eve of arguably the most important election in my life, and possibly in more than a generation. I decided to write not because the topic is directly relevant to Obama vs. McCain (although you can apply my thought), but instead because I saw an article that made me think and because I feel like I’m living through the middle of one of the most historic times I may ever […]

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