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Curation and Customization Drives Revenue and Growth

This post was also published on Sounding Board, a blog from The Radio Agency where I serve as a Marketing Consultant. A recent article featured in Inside Radio tells the story of a station in Minnesota that launched one of broadcast radio’s first personalizable streams. Dubbed a “hybrid of lean-back curation and lean-forward customization,” American


perhaps not the grandest of gestures but indeed a more fitting reminder could not be presented for through distance and time there is no change in the heart unless but of course it becomes more full as thoughts turn to not what once was but instead to what could be when given the light to

Eagles Fever Infects Philadelphia City Council As New Law Passes

In a move that has shocked the U.S. Department of Transportation, the National Transportation Safety Board, and advocates of safe driving from all over the country, Philadelphia’s City Council has passed a bill to switch all the traffic signals within the city limits to green in support of the Eagles, Philadelphia’s N.F.L. Team. The bill