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The Debates, Facebook, and Radio

This post was also published on Sounding Board, a blog from The Radio Agency where I serve as a Marketing Consultant. Barack Obama. Mitt Romney. Efficient government. Small government. Pro-choice. Pro-life. Individual donors. Corporate donors. With the first presidential debate of 2012 airing last night, we started thinking about political campaigns.  Let’s face it, we really couldn’t avoid thinking about the election in this age of 24/7 media coverage. But we wanted to look more […]

Clear Channel Knows How To Do Smart Integrated Marketing

On Monday (7/9) Clear Channel Media and Entertainment announced the lineup and ticket details for their second annual iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Last year, they billed the concert as the coming out party for their iHeartRadio platform and app. This year, they’re building on the anticipation that saw the two-day show sell out in 10 minutes in 2011, and banking on continued success of the event as both an advertising platform for their […]

In Defense of Broccoli

While listening to NPR’s “All Things Considered” yesterday, I heard an interview with Ron Midyett, CEO of Apio Inc., a grower/shipper of broccoli. He was being interviewed because broccoli had been mentioned several times in the Supreme Court hearings about health care that took place this week. And apparently getting your product mentioned in the Supreme court is kind of a big deal: MELISSA BLOCK, NPR HOST: Ron, were you paying attention to the Supreme Court […]

From Chaos

Last night, I attended the first community voting meeting of 2012 for my neighborhood. There happened to be two large development projects on the agenda and up for a general vote, so turnout was heavy and raucous. Like any community meeting taking place in an urban environment (or at least in Philadelphia), the opponents of the projects focused on clear and present dangers like parking and union participation and where the trash will be stored. […]

Remember to tie your marketing channels together

I get a lot of catalogs every week. I get them from both B2B companies looking to capitalize on my company’s revenue and from and B2C companies looking to grab part of my disposable income. And I typically ignore most of them. But this week one stood out, and it was because they remembered to tie their marketing channels together and time the receipt of their messages. They did it well and I paid attention. […]